Teddy Smith, DoP
Local 600

While working for the feature film, The Courier, I was compelled to make a behind the scenes short film while we were shooting at the abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans. I uploaded the film to YouTube and overnight it spread around the world. The attention was unexpected so I removed the video the very next day. Quickly, a bootleg version popped up and spread once again across the internet. The film was seen and blogged by Roger Ebert, was featured on the front page of AOL.com for several days, made it to the front page of Reddit.com, and was seen in several news broadcasts around the world. The attention was completely overwhelming and I literally had to turn my telephone off for a month so I could get some sleep and finish The Courier. Later, the Sundance Film Festival asked me to submit the film to the festival so I made a new cut that is in a more appropriate documentary style.

NOLA Six Flags Director's Cut

NOLA Six Flags Bootleg Version

Link at Reddit.com

Link on Roger Ebert's twitter